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I'm trying to build a Web page that has a rich text editor. Is it possible to use a rich text editor (such as FCKEditor) in Mobile Safari on the iPod Touch (or iPhone)?

All of the demos I tried worked perfectly but weren't editable (The keyboard doesn't appear)

EDIT: Does Mobile Safari support editable IFRAMES (or any equivalent) at all?

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Apparently there is a bug with mobile Safari and rich text edit controls. While trying to use the Zoho online word processor on my iPhone I found the below info from the Zoho FAQ.

  1. I can't create or edit documents on my iPhone, the keyboard doesn't show up when opening iZoho on iPhone. What's the problem?

    It is an issue with the iPhone as the safari browser doesn't seem to recognize the rich text editor area and hence the keyboard isn't appearing. This is not an iZoho specific problem as all the applications that use a WYSIWYG editor face the same issue. We hope that Apple will address this issue soon and come up with the next version of iPhone's Safari that supports rich text editing. As a workaround, we may give a plain text editor for users to edit/create their documents if this isn't corrected in Safari's next version.

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I found this at YUI Rich Text Editor page. http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/editor/

The YUI Rich Text Editor does not currently support the iPhone or the Nokia N95. Due to the interaction model (specifically, the inability to make a selection), the Editor will not function as expected. In our tests, it appears that the Apple and Nokia Webkit implementations don't event recognize the Editor as an editing field — meaning that these browsers are, at present, deliberately not supporting the use of an iframe in design mode.

"Inability to make a selection" would be a real problem in browser rich text editing.

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