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I hope that someone could help me with the following problem because I'm really lost.

I get a C# HttpContext from an ajax javascript call into a C# Handler.

Then, running debug mode with VS I can see that the context.Request.Params return the following string:


but doing this: context.Request.Params.Get("Files") I get the following string

;T.00000.11-EXE-01-R 1-PL-202-B.dwg;T.00000.11-EXE-01-R 1-PL-202-B.dwg

The problem is that the character + has disappeared...

 ;T.00000.11-EXE-01-R 1-PL-202-B.dwg;T.00000.11-EXE-01-R 1-PL-202-B.dwg

I'm supposed to get the full name of the file in parameter and the + should be in the R+1 string like this:


Anyone can help me to have the string in params of the httpContext as it has been send (with the missing special char +)?

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Encode the parameters before passing it to the url & decode the pamameters after getting them by context.Request.Params.Get("Files").

You can use:

HttpServerUtility.UrlDecode Method (String)
HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode Method (String)



String MyURL;
MyURL = "http://www.contoso.com/articles.aspx?title=" + Server.UrlEncode("ASP.NET Examples");


String DecodedString = Server.UrlDecode(EncodedString);
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Thanks a lot, it works perfectly well now !!! –  Ludo Sep 25 '12 at 12:36

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