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What does “===” mean?

I am confused with the use of those operators in php, I am not quite sure when should I use === and when ==.

for example why/when should I write:

if( $some_method_that_returns_something_or_false() === FALSE) {
      //do stuff

and when with ==?

Also, does === means I must return bool FALSE or I can return 0? When it is considered an bad practice to use === or ==?

Also when putting something like this:

 if($some_method_that_returns_true_or_false()) {


is that $some_method_that_returns_true_or_false() == TRUE or some_method_that_returns_true_or_false() === TRUE?

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=== means exact value, so for true it has to be true, while == checks for the meaning of the value, so true will be also a value of '1' or a whatever String.

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I see, so in essence. If I want it to be strictly bool and not for example some object etc I use ===. –  ignite1688846 Sep 25 '12 at 10:20
Not a whatever string; "0" != true and "" != true –  Ja͢ck Sep 25 '12 at 10:27

== is used for checking equallity and === is used for checking the equality as well as type.


if($some_method_that_returns_true_or_false()) {


is checking for $some_method_that_returns_true_or_false() == TRUE

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