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How to check the power consumption in each applications in Android?
At least the power consumption should be relative when compared with different applications and these applications might be using any of the services like WIFI,GPS,LCD,wakelock, etc.

Are there any APIs in android regarding the same in order to measure the power consumption for the applications using the above resources?

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One easy guide to see which is consuming how much battery from ICS onwards is to check Settings->Battery. Here it shows the % consumed by the app. Other ways could be to physically monitor battery drop by using the app intensively, for e.g. battery may be 80% before u start using the app. Then you try for 30 minutes and then check battery % again.

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There is a research paper called “Accurate Online Power Estimation and Automatic Battery Behavior Based Power Model Generation for Smartphones”. For this paper the researchers developed a tool called PowerTutor, the sources of which you can find here. It should be mentioned that your device has to be rooted to use this application.

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Check out Powertutor. It is in my experience the best application out there to measure application wise power consumption. It is not 100% accurate but is good enough for estimations.

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(disclaimer: I co-founded the company which built the below mentioned product)

Try Little Eye from Little Eye Labs, that does exactly this. One can track an individual app's power and get the breakdown by CPU/display & Wifi (the upcoming version will support GPS and 3G). It also goes beyond power and tracks data, memory and CPU consumption of an individual app. Note its a desktop tool that you need to download and install from here.

Hope this helps.

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Looks like the link is broken or the site is down. –  Kyle Falconer Apr 30 '14 at 20:36
From "Today, we're very excited to announce that Facebook is acquiring our company. " (when is Today is not specified) and "Little Eye is not accepting new signups right now!" :( –  JaakL Oct 22 '14 at 8:33

You cannot programatically check the battery consumption for each application. Instead you can check the overall consumption like this:

energyLeftInmAh = device battery capacity in mAh * battery level in % * 0.01;

E.g Nexus 5, battery capacity: 2300 mAh

  mBatteryManager = (BatteryManager)MainActivity.this.getSystemService(Context.BATTERY_SERVICE);
  int level = mBatteryManager.getIntProperty(BatteryManager.BATTERY_PROPERTY_CAPACITY);
  double mAh = (2300 * level * 0.01);
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