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I have a div with a background image which changes it's position based on the mouse position. What it basically does is create an animation of somebody turning their head (check out to give you a better idea.

I can get it working fine, however, I have 3 different images that appear next to each other. How can I get each image to animate independently? At the moment they all animate in unison together, but they should animate differently because the mouse will always be in a different position relative to each image. I'm thinking that maybe i should use a loop, but I can't figure out how to implement it.

My jQuery code is:

var aniX = null;
var aniY = null;

aniX = $('.anim-photo').offset().left;
aniY = $('.anim-photo').offset().top;

$(document).mousemove(function(event) {
    var mousePos = new Array(event.pageX, event.pageY);
    interact(mousePos, ["0px", "-288px", "-576px"]);

function interact(mouseCord, aniCord) {
    if (mouseCord[0] < aniX && mouseCord[1] < aniY){ // Box-1
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[0]+" 0px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX && mouseCord[0] < aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] < aniY){ // Box-2
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[1]+" 0px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] < aniY){ // Box-3
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[2]+" 0px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] < aniX && mouseCord[1] > aniY && mouseCord[1] < aniY+357){ // Box-4
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[0]+" -360px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX && mouseCord[0] < aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] > aniY && mouseCord[1] < aniY+357){ // Box-5
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[1]+" -360px");

}else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] > aniY && mouseCord[1] < aniY+357){ // Box-6
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[2]+" -360px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] < aniX && mouseCord[1] > aniY+357){ // Box-7
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[0]+" -720px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX && mouseCord[0] < aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] > aniY+357){ // Box-8
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[1]+" -720px");

} else if (mouseCord[0] > aniX+285 && mouseCord[1] > aniY+357){ // Box-9
    $(".anim-photo").css("background-position", aniCord[2]+" -720px");

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Create three different calls to interact(mousePos, ["0px", "-288px", "-576px"]); one for each image with mousePos and the second parameter being the object/coordinates of the object that you're currently animating. Also create separate classes for each or provide the jQuery object you're currently animating as a parameter to your interact function

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Thanks for replying. I actually already did it that way which works fine. I was just trying to figure out if it can be done in one function, rather than three :-) –  user1391152 Sep 25 '12 at 11:21

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