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So here is task i need to get done on iOS:

Show User's Current Location on an Image like this:

enter image description here

Yes, like this Image!

So few things one will notice as soon as one look at it. Its Tilted. It's headings are Off. You can see horizon..!

Lets say,

  • I have location coordinates for corners of this image.
  • I have angle at which this image is tilted. (e.g 50°)
  • I have heading angle of the image. (e.g -170° North, which means its about 10° South-West, correct me if im wrong.)
  • And i have Zoom level on which this image would have been zoomed if it was on Google Maps/Google Earth. (e.g 14 zoom level - out of 20)

But thats the task, i need to show users location on such images. Just like in "Google Earth".

Can anyone give me heads up to accomplish this task?

Thank you everyone. :)

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What are the location coordinates of the corners of your example image ? Can you show us the numbers. I'd suggest dropping terms such as -170° North too, and stick to using angular measurement only in stating azimuth. –  High Performance Mark Sep 25 '12 at 13:02

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Given the information you have, sounds like you can use line-plane intersection to solve your problem.

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I achieved the desired result by plotting the coordinate on a UIView and transform it using CATrasnform3D. These explanations also help, Explanation of Transformation Matrix in terms of Core Animation and Core Animation Programming Guide itself.

_graphic.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(-2.89724656);

CATransform3D rotatedTransform = _graphic.layer.transform;

rotatedTransform.m34 = 1.0 / 500;
rotatedTransform.m22 = -2;
rotatedTransform.m41 = 170;
rotatedTransform.m42 = 170;

rotatedTransform = 
                    51 * M_PI / 180.0f, 

_graphic.layer.transform = rotatedTransform;

[_graphic setNeedsDisplay];

Thank you all.

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