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How to automatically answer dialogs (written with ncurses) during installation in Ubuntu? For example during postfix installation.

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On SO you give and take information, and so far you've only been taking. How about giving something back to the people who helped you? – Niklas Sep 25 '12 at 11:36
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Those dialogs are a part of debconf which is a configuration tool for Debian packages. It has many front-ends, ncurses is one of them.

You can use dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive, use debconf's Bash library, reconfigure debconf itself to be always non-interactive, etc.

And there's also a package called debconf-utils:

This package contains some small utilities to aid users and developers. There are utilities to help manage debconf databases, others to manage translated template files and a program to communicate directly with debconf from the command line.

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