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How can i mock this code in jmockit class A{ private Map authenticationMap; . . . public boolean createFirstTimerProfile(String password, String userName, String securityAnswer, String securityQuestion){

    String encryptedNewPassword = null;
    int userId;
    try {
            throw new CustomerEntryExceptions("values are null or empty");

        encryptedNewPassword =  encryptPassword(password);

        userId =(Integer.parseInt(authenticationMap.get("userid")));
        Connection con = Util.getConnection();
        if(clientUserManagement.addorupdatesecurityquestion(userName,securityQuestion, securityAnswer,userId,con)){
            String updatestatus = updateUserPassword(userId, encryptedNewPassword,
                velocityContextMembers = new HashMap<String,String>();
                velocityContextMembers.put("name", userName);
                velocityContextMembers.put("securityquestion", securityQuestion);
                velocityContextMembers.put("securityanswer", securityAnswer);
                velocityContextMembers.put("password", password);
                mailToUser(userId,"Authetication Profile Information","authenticationProfile_email_html.vm");
                return true;
            } else{
                throw new CustomerEntryExceptions("Password not updated");
        } else{
            throw new CustomerEntryExceptions("Authentication profile not updated");
    } catch (CustomerEntryExceptions e) {
        logger.error("createFirstTimerProfile() --> "+e.getMessage());
        return false;



How to mock the line Integer.Parseint(authenticationmap.get("userid");

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I'm not sure why you want to mock it. I believe it would be far easier to simply put the userid in the map and let the code run from there. –  jan.vdbergh Sep 27 '12 at 7:14

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I'm agree with jan.vdbergh, i'm not sure mocking is the best solution.

But if you want to mock a static methodcan procced like this:

public void myTestMethod(){
      new Expectations(){
          Integer integer= null;

               result = new NumberFormatException();


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