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I am trying to load a template with velocity. The only thing I have is the path of a file. but I can't seem to load the File with this absolute path. How do you need to do this?

The documentation is very fuzzy about reading absolute templates....

I am trying to use this in a plug-in for an RCP program

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I think your best option is to look at the Resource Loader concept in Velocity. This is the way that Velocity provides for loading templates from arbitrary sources. See the documentation here for details.

You can look at the available ones for reference how they do it. There is a FileResourceLoader which probably does exactly what you need if configured properly.

If that does not work, you can derive from the base ResourceLoader class. Your ResourceLoader would then simply map from the name that you pass to the getTemplate()-call to the actual file.

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If you derive from the ResourceLoader class can you also load multiple templates from different folder locations? –  Arninja Oct 1 '12 at 7:47
Sure, you can build the loader any way you want, it receives a string and needs to return the corresponding InputStream. –  centic Oct 1 '12 at 7:54

put your templates in folder "templates/template1.vt" in your plugin project and make sure you add this folder in build.properties. you can try to get the template file either of the ways below.

 URL url= Activator.getDefault().getBundle().getEntry("templates/template1.vt");
 url = FileLocator.toFileURL(url);
 File file = new File(url.toURI());

url = new URL("platform:/plugin/<plugin id>/templates/template1.vt");
url = FileLocator.toFileURL(url);
File file = new File(url.toURI());
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It has to be a folder outside my plug-in! The only way I can manage to do this is when I set the Fileloader property in velocity... and let Velocity make the INIT with this path... BUT I have multiple templates at different locations... that's the real problem :/ now I have to initialize my Velocity over and over again with different properties –  Arninja Sep 27 '12 at 8:33

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