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Please find the URL for tube geometry: 3d tube with 200 points of data passed in JSON format.

As number of points vary for the length of the tube, how do I create a transparent cube around tube geometry dynamically to cover entire tube structure inside the cube and the whole scene look like a pipe inside a surface ?

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geometry.computeboundingbox() which adjusts the scale at which the box is and postion of where the box should be placed

scaleX = (max.x -min.x);
scaleY = (max.y -min.y);
scaleZ = (max.z -min.z);

positionX = min.x + scaleX/2;
positionY = min.y + scaleY/2;
positionZ = min.z + scaleZ/2;
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tube.computeBoundingBox(); var centerX = 0.5 * ( tube.boundingBox.max.x - tube.boundingBox.min.x ); var centerY = 0.5 * ( tube.boundingBox.max.y - tube.boundingBox.min.y ); var centerZ = 0.5 * ( tube.boundingBox.max.z - tube.boundingBox.min.z ); camera.target.position.addSelf( new THREE.Vector3( centerX, centerY, centerZ ) ); - @Gero3 this gives me error "cannot read property position of undefined at last line. –  Valay Sep 28 '12 at 10:33

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