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I have a page (let's say page1) that open the page2 using:

showModalDialog(page2, '', 'dialogWidth:55em; dialogHeight:50em; status:0');

I am facing 2 problems (in this post i am going to write the first one):

1) when i want to close the second page using javascript code it always asks me that the page is trying to close itself do i want to allow that or no. I want to force close it without asking me anything. I have tried the following:

function CloseSelection(id) {
    window.opener = "page1"
    window.returnValue = id;

And in the Form tag target="_self". But nothing happened, the popup keeps on showing.

can anyone help me please?

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"And in the Form tag" - What form is that? In which browser(s) do you have this problem? (Also, why are you setting window.opener?) –  nnnnnn Sep 25 '12 at 12:07

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You dont need to set the window.opener as it is set by default to the object of opener page.
On Page2 the code will be:

function CloseSelection(id) {    
   window.returnValue = id;

On Page1

var returnVal = showModalDialog("page2.html", '', 'dialogWidth:55em; dialogHeight:50em; status:0');
// here returnVal will contain the data which is return by page2

Hope it helps.

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You can not force the window to open in a new window. It might work in some browsers but not all.

In order to close a window you can do this:

// open
var win = window.open("someurlgoeshere");
// close

I believe you only get the "are u sure you wish the leave this page" message if the window itself tries to close itself (window.close())

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