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When I run yeoman install handlebars I get the following output:

Running "bower:install:handlebars" (bower) task
bower cloning git://github.com/components/handlebars.js
bower cached git://github.com/components/handlebars.js
bower fetching handlebars

It doesn't copy handlebars to the current project's plugins or vendors directory. It exits without an error message. Is this the right behaviour?

To me it seemed like a bug so I've created an issue on yeoman's github page. But I'm not sure.

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same problem here with ember-data. Did you get a fix? –  dagda1 Sep 27 '12 at 6:49
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To resolve this issue here's what I did. I realized yeoman did not install bower for me and it depends on bower for installing libraries. So, to resolve this issue - install bower manually like this: npm install bower -g

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