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I would like to write a research paper using restructuredtext, is it possible to have the two-column style inherent to this kind of document? I looked at the specifications but appart using a table wich will be a real pain I haven't be able to find an alternative.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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You can output 2-column in any of the formats docutils outputs.

If what you want is a 2-column ReST source then it's much harder.

Since there are no pages, it may not even make sense (imagine if the columns are 5000 lines long ;-), so I will assume you mean in the output, be it HTML, PDF or whatever.

For PDF, using rst2pdf, it's trivial, you only need to use the -s twocolumn option.

For HTML, it's a CSS thing, and I am sure google can help you.

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Thank you so much! Of course I didn't want to split my rest source this makes no sense to me ^^ I finally wrote my paper using latex, but next time thanks to you I'll give ReST a try :) – attwad Sep 2 '09 at 0:40
Another options might have been to try NoTex.ch: It has build in support for two column PDFs, but instead of rst2pdf it uses Sphinx (in combination with the LaTex \twocolumn command). – hsk81 Aug 6 '13 at 10:09

If you wan't two column latex from reST you can get it with:

rst2latex --documentoptions=twocolumn source.rst
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I haven't found a way to do so with ReST. You really should consider LaTeX for your research paper, especially for citations (BibTex), if you want to write it in plain text. You can easily switch between one and two columns:

% remove "twocolumn" for a single column
Text here...

See Wikibooks for a good reference.

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yes... seems there is no way in ReST, the only paper styles that I found using ReST were single columned. Guess I'll have to learn Latex ;) – attwad Aug 12 '09 at 6:00
Good luck! LaTeX is aggravating at times, but it's still better than Word. Also, be sure to use a Makefile (or Rakefile if you're into that) for your paper - it'll make compiling a lot easier. – jmdeldin Aug 13 '09 at 22:35

It is possible with rst2pdf but your layout has to be kept within PageBreak. In otherwords you cannot have 1 column layout and 2 column layout on one page.

.. raw:: pdf 

      PageBreak twoColumn 

some text in two columns 

.. raw:: pdf 

      PageBreak oneColumn 

some text in one column
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