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I'm beginning to just learn some SVG (and javascript, I suppose), and I'm having a hard time understanding why this is not flowing smoothly. The 0 moves a small amount (presumably "1" horizontally on the x axis), but than begins to leap in great bounds. Is this because the browser I am using (Chrome) is refreshing/redrawing at a much longer pace? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

 <svg width="100%" height="100%"
    xmlns="" version="1.1" 
function startup(evt){;
    var x = e.getAttribute("x");
    <text id="zero">0</text>
<use x="40" y="20" xlink:href="#zero"/>
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You have to make sure you're working with numbers and not strings:

var x = +(e.getAttribute("x"));

JavaScript prefers string "addition" to numeric, so when "x" is a string, x+1 means "add the character '1' to the end of the string x". By forcing the return value from .getAttribute() to numeric via the unary "+" operator, you avoid that problem.

(There are various ways to force a string to be converted to a number. Pick your favorite :-)

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