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hi anybody can help me what kind of data loaded to improve performance of the website during below events i am not using below methods efficiently

  • PreInit
  • Init
  • InitComplete
  • PreLoad
  • OnPreRender:java script can be binded
  • Render
  • Unload

    during above events so that it would be great help for my developing.

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  1. PreInit : Dynamic control, master page etc can be set here
  2. Init :Set initial/default value of control/properties. No viewstate can be used.
  3. InitComplete : Set viewstate data.
  4. PreLoad: Set properties of controls.
  5. OnPreRender: Again, last chance to set properties of controls.
  6. Render: Put some HTML logic, kind of dynamically creating HTML.
  7. Unload : Nothing much a developer should/can do here.
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hi Milind, you answer pretty good, but most cases we use prerender to set properties of the control in asp.net rest of the event we will not use munch –  Reddy Sep 26 '12 at 8:13
Shravan, I believe you wanted to understand what all can be done in various events in page life cycle and thats what I am trying to explain ! If your question was different, please edit and elaborate your question. –  Milind Thakkar Sep 26 '12 at 8:40

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