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does mootools have equivalent of jQuery's before? Or if not, how can I do similar functionality in mootools?

For example, I got result from ajax and I want to insert HTML-code of result before some element.

<div class="elements">
  <div class="element"></div>
  <div class="element"></div>
  <div class="element"></div>

  </div class="loader"></div>

I want to insert some HTML code (which is string) before .loader. I can't use JSON, or HTML like object in this issue.

I have function which inserts HTML into div:

function appendHTML(elem, html){
    if ($type(html) != 'string') return false;
    var temp = new Element('div');
    temp.set('html', html);
    return this;

But I want insert HTML code before div, not into. Thanks!

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I mean HTML code string, not object! – Mirgorod Sep 25 '12 at 13:01
It's easier to work with Element Objects instead of passing strings around. If you are passing html from your server-side via ajax, you could save some time by passing only the data you requre (and use Request.JSON), and render the element as per my answer below. – Julian H. Lam Sep 25 '12 at 13:04
I get from server only HTML. I don't want to get in JSON coz I want to insert blocks of every type. – Mirgorod Sep 25 '12 at 13:07

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When you inject your element into the DOM, you can pass in a second argument that says where the element should go. The default is bottom.

new Element('div', {
    "class": 'className',
    html: 'Some html'
}).inject(existingEl, 'before');
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There is the inject() method:

myElement.inject(el[, where]);

Here is an example of inserting myFirstElement before mySecondElement:

myFirstElement.inject(mySecondElement, 'before');
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