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I have a routine that toggles the GPIO pin high/low, and have delay between the highs and lows (using udelay), and then samples the GPIO state for some period. I need to make sure this part of the code is executed without being pre-empted by the scheduler or by any possible interrupts. I am running the code on a dual core ARM system so it should be SMP. Is Spin_Lock_IrqSave() safe enough for such purpose? I got a feeling my code is still somehow being interrupted occasionally but no proof yet.

Thanks a lot.

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If you want to disable preemption, use preempt_disable() and preempt_enable(). If you want to disable interrupts, use local_irq_disable() and local_irq_enable()

spin_lock_irqsave will normally do both of these, though some "real-time" enhancements sometimes allow spinlocks to schedule, so it is always best to say what you mean.

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Thanks a lot for you reply. I want to disable both interrupt and preemption, and ensure one of my routine can be executed without any interruption. The routine needs to call GPIO driver (gpio_set/reset_value, gpio_direction_input/output) and also udelay functions. In this case, is spin_lock_irqsave safe enough? Thanks again – user1697356 Oct 1 '12 at 5:45

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