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In zend project I fetch data from the database and show in a table. It shows data in the same order as stored in the database. But I want to show the fileds in diffeent order than in database order. But I don't know how to do thid. Here I means field order not the row order. Please help me in this regard.


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Its hard to say how youre displaying but lets assume you have made Table Classes for each table i would do something like this:

<?php foreach $zendDbRowObject->getTable()->getDisplayOrder() as $fieldName): ?>
    <?php echo $zendDbRowObject->$fieldName; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

So then in your Table clas for a particular table you can create a property/method to get the fields in the order you want them in:

public function getDisplayOrder() {
   // fake column names obviously... use yours here.
   return array(
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when you do db select, you can select the coloumns that you want, so instead of select *,

you do select col5,col3,col2,col6,col1 from tablename

This will change the order of the columns

$select = $db->select() ->from(array('t' => 'table'), array('t.col2', 'p.col1`'));

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I new all the fields but in different order –  ehp Sep 26 '12 at 7:08

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