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I am developing a project where I need to restrict usage of accessing non white listed USB devices in the organization network.

I am using it by checking VID and PID of that USB devices.

Now the problem is that If Suppose I have an Apple I-pad, that would have a global VID and PID number. If I'll white List any of the Apple I-Pad then with my current scenario all other Apple I-Pad would be authorized in the network.

Is it a best way to check a USB device from VID and PID number whether that device is white listed in organization network or their is some thing else better then it.

Please suggest.


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Where does asp.net come into picture? –  StaWho Sep 25 '12 at 14:20
Because developing that application on asp.net, I don't know which tag would be more suitable here..please guide me.. –  user1660066 Sep 25 '12 at 14:25

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In addition to vendor and product IDs, USB device descriptor can contain a device serial number. If present, it's supposed to be unique for each individual device with a particular VID/PID combination. This serial number is optional (and some vendors may violate the spec by programming non-unique serial numbers in their devices), so check it first. If you're lucky and devices that you care about do contain serial numbers, you'll be able to use a (VID, PID, serial number) combination to uniquely identify a particular device. The serial number is not usually easy to reprogram, which is a plus for your application.

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