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If I enable automatic indexing on for example latitude and longitude fields (type: double) I can't do this query


autoIndex is defined as graphDb.index().getNodeAutoIndexer().getAutoIndex().
Simply the result size is size=0.

Other queries like



autoIndex.query('id', new QueryContext("*").sort(sort))

work just fine.

If I however manually add index locations_index with

    ValueContext latValue = new ValueContext(node.getProperty('latitude')).indexNumeric();
    ValueContext lonValue = new ValueContext(node.getProperty('longitude')).indexNumeric();

    locationsIndex.add(node, 'latitude', latValue);
    locationsIndex.add(node, 'longitude', lonValue);

for each latitude/longitude in database then the query works.

My question is - is there a way to automatically index numeric field as ValueContext.indexNumeric()? Shouldn't that be automatic?

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