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I'm trying to track down all user-created functions and scripts within lenghty MATLAB code. The following code does this but due to MATLAB's profiler's default history size of 1,000,000 I'm missing a good amount of functions.

function endProfile(p)

    profile off
    for k = 1:size(p.FunctionHistory, 2)

        if p.FunctionHistory(1, k) == 0
            str = 'entering function: ';
            str = 'exiting function: ';

        if isempty(strfind(p.FunctionTable(p.FunctionHistory(2,k)).FileName, 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\')) &&...
           ~strcmp(p.FunctionTable(p.FunctionHistory(2, k)).FileName, '')
            disp([str p.FunctionTable(p.FunctionHistory(2, k)).FunctionName])

    profile off
    profile viewer


I initialize the profiler with the following code from the first script of the code under analysis:

profile clear

profile on -history -historysize 1000000000

The previous function is called at the end of the first script as follows:


Does anyone know what the maximum history size is and/or if there are alternate ways of increasing the size?


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Please note that in prefixing # to a paragraph converts it to a header. –  Jacob Sep 25 '12 at 14:13

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A much better method for looking at dependencies is to use either depfun, or the excellent fdep from the File Exchange.

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