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I am using JNA in my project to receive a long value from a C function in Windows.

The method is:

long identifier();

when I use my virtual machine (JRE 1.7.0_05 for windows 64) on 64 bits I use the compiled dll for 64 bits and I get this number:

identifier = 528913750 

if I use a virtual machine (JRE 1.7.0_07 for windows 32) with the compiled dll for 32 bits, I get this number:

identifier = 369896101206

The right one is the first! (for 64 bits)

The binary value of them is:

64 bits =           11111100001101001010101010110
32 bits = 101011000011111100001101001010101010110

Somebody knows why I get this 1010110 at the beginning for 32 bits?

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Sorry I solved by changing long to NativeLong from JNA – Oscar Castiblanco Sep 25 '12 at 14:01
There is no code for identifier(), it was the native function implemented in c – Oscar Castiblanco Sep 25 '12 at 14:02
I suggest you add this as answer and accept it. Watch your rate. – Fildor Sep 25 '12 at 14:02

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In Wikipedia there is a table describing the mapping for native types in JNA. The direct conversion to long is supported only for 64 bits, otherwise NativeLong must be used.

In this article is also described how to map a native long.

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