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I've read across some code in redis, but I did not find how it handle long integer values (e.g. SET mykey 123456789123456789) --- I mean long integer(e.g. 8 bytes) that cannot be stored directly at the ptr field(4 bytes in my machine) of robj struct.

PS: I read the code of tryObjectEncoding function in object.c, but only found encoding of REDIS_ENCODING_INT data type. And there's no long type in redis in fact. Does that mean integers longer than 4 bytes will be encoded as REDIS_ENCODING_STRING?

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REDIS_ENCODING_INT actually represents an 8 byte number. See the method string2l in util.c - it attempts to convert the string to a long long.

In other words, integers between 4 and 8 bytes are encoded using REDIS_ENCODING_INT and not the default string encoding.

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But in the tryObjectEncoding function in object.c, I see "o->ptr = (void*) value;", how could a long converted to a void* pointer without worring of lost of precision? – realjin Sep 26 '12 at 1:30
Oh, I try print sizeof(long) and sizeof(void*), they are both 4 bytes in my machine. Is that a coincidence or some relationship? – realjin Sep 26 '12 at 1:31

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