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Hi i want to include rss feeds in my winforms application and i want to show them in a panel with automatic scrolling from bottom to top (like in webapplications) is it possible? if so can you give me a simple example?

Thank you

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A very brief overview:

  • Get rss schema from
  • Generate C# class using xsd.exe.

    xsd rssschema.xsd /c

  • Create a datagridview (turn on automatic scrolling)

  • Bind the correct schema to the datagridview at compile time.

  • Create a collection of rss object and set it as data source

  • During runtime, make a http request and get rss feed (which should be a xml). Create a rss object out of this xml.Add it to the collection. (You will have to refer this link INotifyPropertyChanged)

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