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I have one bean Name "MasterService" that has the attribute autowired="byType". In that bean I have one property as AccountService accountService; And I have registered implementation of this bean as "DefaultAccountService". Now somebody wants to extends 'DefaultAccountService' and create 'CustomAccountService'. and also register but during initialization of "MasterService" getting the exception that 2 beans are there for AccountService [DefaultAccountService and CustomAccountService]. we dont know how to resolve this?

thanks in advance

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you need the @Qualifier annotation

see this example:


in your case, it would be:

private  AccountService accountService;
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If you want to override the default autowiring I think it's clearer if you manually wire that specific service, so maintainers know at first sight that in that case the default is not used:

<bean id="masterService" ... autowired="byType">
    <property name="accountService" ref="customAccountService"/>

If you just don't want to manually wire anything, Kent's answer will do.

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