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for example, if I have an inventory program. When should I build it as a web application? When should it be an executable? For my question, I need client/server, database on server.

I've just seen both and don't know when to pick one method or the other.

Just preference?

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downvote already? please help me word this better someone. –  johnny Sep 25 '12 at 14:28

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It is usually just preference but also business need.

If the only people using it are all in the same office it probably wouldn't matter as much. If you have a bunch of employees needing to use it from various locations, smart phones / tablets or various operating systems, then web based might be the way to go.

Web based applications have moved so far forward from what they were a 10 years ago, unless you have some intense data processing that needs to happen before it gets to the database, or you need some specific hardware to interface to, web is probably the way to go.

Also consider where your strength's lie. If your team has a bunch of PHP developers, it doesn't make much sense to develop a Windows application in C#.

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