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My environment: Grails v2.1.1

I need to run a small utility app during the war process. This app generates files that I want included in my war file. I've tried putting code in BuildConfig.groovy's grails.war.resources, but I'm not seeing an error, or the files I am expecting to be created.

Does anyone know how I can execute this utility app so that its output is in my war?

This is the command as run inside a terminal instance:

sencha app build -e production -d $stagingDir/production

Here's my attempt to run it via grails.war.resources in BuildConfig.groovy:

grails.war.resources = { stagingDir ->

//calling echo() does nothing.  I don't see the comment in the build output
echo(message:'executing grails.war.resources')
def outputDir =  new File("${stagingDir.getParentFile().getPath()}/target/ranForReal")

def command = """sencha app build -e testing -d ${outputDir.getPath()}"""

def executionDir = new File("${stagingDir.getParentFile().getPath()}/web-app")

def proc = command.execute(null,executionDir)


//my desperate attempt to see if anything is happening.  I'd expect an error here
def x = 1/0

// Obtain status and output
println "return code: ${ proc.exitValue()}"
println "stderr: ${proc.err.text}"
println "stdout: ${proc.in.text}" // *out* from the external program is *in* for groovy

//this for loop does work and does remove servlet jars, so I know this closure is called.
for (name in ['servlet']) {
    delete {
        fileset dir: "$stagingDir/WEB-INF/lib/",
                includes: "$name*.jar"


Is grails.war.resources the way to go?


For posterity, here is my somewhat complex example, using the answer below.

from _Events.groovy file

 * Generate an optimized version of the sencha app.
eventCreateWarStart = {warName, stagingDir ->
    //argsMap contains params from command line, e.g 'war --sencha.env=production'
def senchaEnvironment = argsMap["sencha.env"] ?: 'testing'

    //println is the only way I've found to write to the console.
println "running sencha optimizer code for $senchaEnvironment environment..."

ant.exec(outputproperty: "cmdOut", executable:'sencha',
    arg(value:"-e $senchaEnvironment" )

println "${ant.project.properties.cmdOut}"

println'completed sencha optimization process.'

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You can put an eventCreateWarStart in your scripts/_Events.groovy. This event receives two parameters, the name of the WAR and the stagingDir

eventCreateWarStart = { warName, stagingDir ->
  // ..

You have access to the ant variable giving you an AntBuilder so you can do stuff like

ant.exec(executable:'sencha') {
  // ...
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This works, thanks! I appreciate the help. –  John Gordon Sep 25 '12 at 15:59
Ian, where exactly is stagingDir? –  Alexander Suraphel Jul 7 at 8:41
@AlexanderSuraphel I'm not sure, I suspect it's somewhere under target, or failing that ~/.grails, but the point is that it's the directory which will get zipped up to produce the WAR file, so anything you copy into it will end up in the WAR. –  Ian Roberts Jul 7 at 14:49
Aha, anyway I have a feeling that it's web-app. Will get back to you when I confirm. –  Alexander Suraphel Jul 7 at 16:05
@AlexanderSuraphel the stagingDir shouldn't be web-app itself, it should be a temporary location which the contents of web-app (amongst other things) will be copied into in order to build the WAR. –  Ian Roberts Jul 7 at 16:55

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