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I have some text in the following format:

{{st1:[[word1]]-[[word2]]s [[word1]] [[word3]]}} {{st2:[[word2]] [[word3]] [[word1]]-[[word4]]s.}}

I want to filter out sentences (signature {{st[0-9]: }}) which contain the given word (signature [[word]] ). Hence, if I am searching for [[word1]] , the output should be

{{st1:[[word1]]-[[word2]]s [[word1]] [[word3]]}} 
{{st2:[[word2]] [[word3]] [[word1]]-[[word4]]s.}} 

while if I am searching for [[word4]] , the output should be

{{st2:[[word2]] [[word3]] [[word1]]-[[word4]]s.}}

I have written the following code so far, but cant achieve the above. Please help me to correct it.

NSString* aString = @"{{st1:[[word1]]-[[word2]]s [[word1]] [[word3]]}} {{st2:[[word2]] [[word3]] [[word1]]-[[word4]]s.}}";
NSString *regexString   = @"\\{\\{st[1-9]:.*(word).*\\}\\}";
for(NSString *match in [aString componentsMatchedByRegex:regexString])
    NSLog(@"%@", match);

I am using RegexKitLite , but am open to any other suggestions.

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The issue with your current regex is that the .* will match the }} at the end of a sentence, you need to make sure that the inner part of your regex can never proceed past a }}, here is one way to do this:


If a single closing curly brace is a valid character for part of a word it gets a little more complicated, but you should be able to replace the [^}]* with (\}?[^}])* or (?:(?!\}\}).)*.

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