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How to edit a property file (like inside of an existing jar file on a remote Linux server.

Imagine the jar is located in /home/user/bigExecutableJar.jar and I like to change the username inside of jdbc.propertires from




On my local machine i can simply open the file with my Archiver, doubleclick the, edit the file with gedit and save it. The Archiver will update the file and i'm done.

But how to do this remotely with tools like VI, ...

Best Regards, Christian.

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A .jar file is simply a .zip file with a different extension, and vim can edit zip files and their contents directly! Simply vim your .jar, use the file navigator to find your properties file and change it. vim will maintain the zip with your edits.

See here for more details.

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Seems very convenient, but I get a "caution: filename not matched" error after selecting a file in the navigator. – ılǝ Feb 5 '14 at 9:51
Wow glad I came across this answer! vim is the best thing since vi – Edi Bice Feb 4 '15 at 19:22

Possible route could be to copy the jar into a zip file, extract, change your properties, compress to zip and rename to jar

cp myJar.jar
vim (doing the change here)
zip allMyFiles into
cp myModifiedJar.jar
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You can unpack jar archives with the jar xf bigExecutableJar.jar command. If you can, I suggest to install atool because it offers a better command line to pack/unpack archives.

Unless you know how to handle vi, use nano as editor. Some systems also have mc installed which is a console based file explorer that has a built-in editor.

After changing the file, you can package the archive again using jar cf bigExecutableJar-new.jar -C . (or atool --add)

If you really want/need to use jar, I suggest to try the command in a new directory first because it sometimes doesn't behave as you expect. Never use it on the original file!

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Use emacs for edit content on jar file

emacs jarfile

After opening the jar, you can browse folders and files. Search the and edit it. Then save the changes with c-x c-s.

Note: Is necessary install zip and unzip

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You can do it with emacs (after having copied your file for backup):

$ cp /home/user/bigExecutableJar.jar /home/user/bigExecutableJar.jar.bak 
$ emacs /home/user/bigExecutableJar.jar
  • If it is big, it will ask you if you really want to open the file.
  • You can then search for the file you want to modify in the buffer listing all the files in the jar; use C-s to do a search if needed.
  • Open the file by selecting it, and press RET.
  • Make your changes, and save with C-x C-s.
  • Finally close Emacs with C-x C-c.
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