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Is it possible to obtain the version-extended pathname of an element that belongs to a baseline?

For example, if I have a file name /vobs/myproj/mydir/myfile.txt and a baseline bl_rc11 in a UCM project, is there a cleartool subcommand that will retun the version-extended pathname of /vobs/myproj/mydir/myfile.txt that belongs to bl_rc11?

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This should print the extended pathname of any myfile.txt with the right baseline

cleartool find . -name 'myfile.txt' -version 'lbtype_sub(bl_rc11)' –print

But that supposes that:

Another way would be to use cleartool diffbl:

cleartool diffbl -pred -ver bl_rc11@\aPVob

But that will only list the delta between bl_rc11 and its previous baseline, so even an incremental baseline would still generate a label on the version, meaning the cleartool find still works.

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