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In my program i have some very long task, which should be interruptable from GUI (WPF). Any advices about threading architecture?

This task looks like N thread with such code:

public void DoLongOperation()
    for(int i=beginPoint; i<endPoint; i++)
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Take a look at BackgroundWorker; specifically, WorkerSupportsCancellation. There is an example of what you want to do at WPF Multithreading: Using the BackgroundWorker and Reporting the Progress to the UI.

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This is a great choice. +1 –  Sam Harwell Aug 11 '09 at 6:07
Yeah, really useful and simple. I knew about this class, but never used it. Thx –  ALOR Aug 11 '09 at 6:17

.Interrupt() on a thread is not the good way, the only good way is with a bool as you say in your answer.

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Well, you can either check to see if it should be stopped, each loop iteration, by checking a bool. Or just .interrupt() it, and handle the exception (if it's safe for it to be killed at any time).

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