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I am trying to insert a contact using an intent and I tried exactly this piece of code, taken from Android Sdk, see it here:

ArrayList<ContentValues> data = new ArrayList<ContentValues>();

ContentValues row1 = new ContentValues();
row1.put(Data.MIMETYPE, Organization.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE);
row1.put(Organization.COMPANY, "Android");

ContentValues row2 = new ContentValues();
row2.put(Email.TYPE, Email.TYPE_CUSTOM);
row2.put(Email.LABEL, "Green Bot");
row2.put(Email.ADDRESS, "android@android.com");

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_INSERT, Contacts.CONTENT_URI);
intent.putParcelableArrayListExtra(Insert.DATA, data);


And I get an empty InsertContact intent. It drives me crazy, why is it not working?

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Did you figure this out? I'm trying to do exactly the same thing. –  Peri Hartman Feb 24 '13 at 20:27

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Try this:

Intent addPersonIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_INSERT);

                                        addPersonIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.NAME, "name");
                                        addPersonIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.PHONE, "phone");
                                        addPersonIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.EMAIL, "email");
                                        addPersonIntent.putExtra(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.POSTAL, "address");

                                        startActivityForResult(addPersonIntent, CREATE_NEW);
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