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Can a CommandParameter be passed to a Command in WinRT? How?

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Actually, I may have misunderstood your question entirely. If you are talking about UI commands (commands that implement the ICommand interface) you can pass parameters when you call Execute. You can also test if the command and parameters are valid before executing the command by calling CanExecute.

As for passing a parameter as part of a Button binding, set the Command property equal to the command you want the button to execute and set the CommandParameter property equal to the parameter you want to pass.

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Yes and no. WinRT applications can receive parameters through the Application.OnLaunched override.

The override receives an instance of type LaunchActivatedEventArgs which includes the arguments.

So it is possible to receive arguments, the question is more about how they can be passed.

Windows Store (WinRT) applications cannot be started from the command line. If a WinRT application is associated with a file type, it can be launched by calling ShellExecute on a file. Other than that, the application cannot be started directly.

It is possible to write C++ that launches a WinRT application using the IAplicationActivationManager interface and this interface can pass parameters to the launched application. So you could create a C++ launcher executable that could be called from the command line.

For more information on how to launch an application using this interface, see the following forum post:


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+1 But I do want to add that IapplicationActivationManager can be used from C# and not only from C++. You just need to define the class and interfaces using the ComImport class attribute. – yms Jun 19 '13 at 15:27
If you think your answer is out of scope (not answering the question), you may delete it to avoid downvotes. – SandRock Jul 6 '15 at 15:29

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