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I am currently in the process of moving all our Rest tests to the CI server and have noticed that all tests are failing due to the an SSL handshake, now I have successfully disabled this with the TrustManager with our Java test suite, but am unsure how to do it with Scala dispatch library, and havent been able to find many examples that could apply in this scenario.

val JSONstr = "{samplekey:samplevalue}"
val response:String = Http(url("") 
                    << (checkInJSONstr, "application/json") as_str) 

The following exception is occuring as expected: peer not authenticated at

Is there a way to do it cleanly syntactically ignore SSL with the dispatch library?

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import dispatch._
val http = new Http with HttpsLeniency
val response:String = http(url("") 
                   << (checkInJSONstr, "application/json") as_str) 
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Doh! I overlooked this trait due to the "TLS", didn't know SSL/TLS were essentially the same until now. This works flawlessly, thank you. – user1697841 Sep 26 '12 at 14:34

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