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How do I exactly stops a Service in Broadcast receiver? I am using a SMS Received broadcast receiver.

I am using

context.stopService(new Intent(this, CallService.class));

where "CallService" is my service, yet I am receiving

The constructor Intent(SMSReceiver, Class<CallService>) is undefined

and the Quick Fix is to remove the arguments to match 'Intent()'

Am I doing something wrong here?

To stop the broadcast receiver, all I have to do is context.unregisterReceiver(SMSReceiver.this); That's all? Do I have to do onDestroy or anything? Thanks.

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Use context instead of this to instantiate Intent like below

context.stopService(new Intent(context, CallService.class));

The unregister part is correct.

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Wow! This doesn't generate any error, but I will have a go at the compiled app soon. But do you mind explaining, why do we use context this time round, and not this? –  MrYanDao Sep 25 '12 at 17:11
Intent requires a context object as the first parameter, but BroadcastReciever(unlike activity and service) does not extend a context object. So you cannot use this –  nandeesh Sep 25 '12 at 17:14

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