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I have a excel sheet containing locations(Store name. address,city,state,zip) and I want to develop a iphone app to search these locations using address, city, zip or using current location. Kindly tell me how can achieve this.


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I just had a similar issue recently. I saved my excel files to csv format, and then I downloaded the code described in this link:


which is for a mac app that converts csv files to plist files. I had to edit the

- (IBAction)executeConversion:(id)sender

method in AppController.m to get the plist in the format I wanted, but it was straightforward. It may not be the best solution, but it was the best I could find.

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try this link...



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Thanks for links, but I need help in searching excel data i.e. where I have to store this and how I can get this using search. – Rajinder Chandel Sep 25 '12 at 16:44

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