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I'm trying to register a theme folder within my plugin directory so that I can have "standard" themes for pages and stuff. Users can overwrite these in their own theme folder if they wish, but at least there is a "skeleton" for users.

I have found out about the function register_theme_directory() but it doesn't seem to be working as expected.

Here is my code:

add_filter('init', 'test_templates_dir');
function test_templates_dir(){
    $plugindir = dirname( __FILE__ );

Inside my $plugindir."/themefiles" directory I have a file called tpl-directory.php and inside that template file I have this:

 *Template name: Directory template

This isn't coming up in the list of available templates when I'm "adding new" pages however.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone know? Or does anyone know a better way to do what I'm trying to achieve? I have read that there are no filters or hooks in order to "add template files manually" (although I would be pretty happy with that if I can do it that way!).

Many thanks!

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Sorry, but that function only works to make wp look on that folder for more themes, not page templates.

Apparently there's no way to add a page template to the current active theme, but you can either catch the current type of content to load a specific template from inside the plugin, or add a new template file inside the current theme on activation.

See this thread for more details: WP - Use file in plugin directory as custom Page Template?

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Ah that makes sense! Silly me, thanks for this! :) And thanks for the link. –  Thomas Clayson Sep 26 '12 at 8:10

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