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I saw this question ( and that works fine for normal buttons. Now I wanted to apply the same procedere on my ImageButtons, on which I add an Icon with android:src="@drawable/icon_name"

I defined following style in styles.xml

<style name="ImageButton" parent="android:Widget.ImageButton">
        <item name="android:background">@drawable/custom_image_button</item>

and set up the custom_image_button.xml in analogy with the custom_button.xml from my quote, but the problem is, by defining my Theme, I can find a android:buttonStyle, but no android:imageButtonStyle or something similiar. Is there another way to get to that point? Or is the only option to create a single icon for every state when customizing ImageButtons?

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I think you need to double-check -- there is an android:imageButtonStyle attribute for themes. See themes.xml for all of the possible attributes for a theme.

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that's weird. I mean, with ctrl+space there are all possibilities shown, there was no imageButtonStyle. But it works, so I think I should try once more before posting a question ;-) thanks! – Valentino Ru Sep 25 '12 at 16:41

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