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We are on a shared host. When sending any of our transactional emails it is showing the servername instead of our domain name.

Example: sales@storename.com via gator777.hostgator.com

What needs to be done so that is sends via sales@storename.com via sales@storename.com?

I have contacted the host and they said that since it is shared hosting it will show the mail server name and there is no way to change it from their end.

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That is because your host's SMTP server signs all your outbound emails with their own domain (gator777.hostgator.com). What they have to do is to deactivate DKIM signing of your emails to make it disappear, or simply sign them with your domain (then your domain will show after "via").

If your host really can't change it, you will have to change your SMTP settings in Magento to use another server that enables you to change this.

Another solutions would be to install a transactional email extension that overrides the default sending functionality. One of those are the AlphaMail extension which lets you to set your own signature.

Disclosure: I'm one of the developers behind AlphaMail.

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