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In my sql database I have a numeric(3,2) field that I want to bind to a textbox. When Linq to SQL brings in the field, it converts the field to a decimal on its linq object. Is it possible to access numeric precision and scale so I can use them in validation or binding in the case of a custom control? Eventually I would like to prevent the user from entering in more than two decimal points on the UI Side.

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I found you can do something like this

        string val = String.Empty;

        Type t = obj.GetType();
        PropertyInfo prop = t.GetProperty(fieldName);
        object[] info = prop.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(ColumnAttribute), true);

        if (info.Length == 1)
            ColumnAttribute ca = (ColumnAttribute)info[0];
            string attr = ca.DbType
                            //... parse attr to get the info you want

        return val;

It is not ideal because you have to parse out a string to get what I'm looking for. But it works.

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