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I am storing the following document in Solr:

  doc {
    id: string; // this is a unique string that looks like an md5 result
    job_id: string; // this also looks like an md5 result -- this is not unique
    doc_id: number; // this is a long number -- this is not unique
    text: string; // this is stored, indexed text -- this is not unique

Now what I want to do is count the number of docs (doc_id) that have the text foo in them. So if this was SQL I would want to issue something like this:

SELECT count(distinct doc_id)
WHERE text like '%foo%';

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have some basic Solr configuration already, or you just started thinking about use of Solr? – Fuxi Sep 25 '12 at 18:46
Hi @Fuxi, have a full blown Solr Cloud implementation. – user1172468 Sep 26 '12 at 0:53
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To make it work (using Result Grouping/Filed collapsing) you need some conditions to fulfil.

  • You have to make your text query ("%foo%") to work in regular search
  • doc_id have to be string, you can have copy of that field and call it doc_id_str

Then you can make request like that:


This query works for me. How would it work for you, depends on your index and size of it. Please ask if you need some more guidance.

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Similar operation to count (distinct fieldName) is not possible in Solr right now. There are issues (SOLR-1814 and SOLR-2242) related to this problem in Jira. Maybe reading comments in the issues will help you.

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