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I have a number of forms that are launched, via COM, in a XE2 DLL. The caller is a VC 6 application.

Every form that opens up shows up as an application in TaskManager, I don't want that, these windows are just dialog boxes, not applications.

Is there a setting I can use to not have these windows show?

I am using C++ Builder XE2, but a Delphi solution would probably work for me.

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TaskManager shows top-level unowned windows. Your DLL windows do not have any owner windows specified. That is why they appear.

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Set TForm.BorderStyle to bsToolWindow or bsSizeToolWin. That would cause WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW included in Win32 window styles.

Or you can manually set those if you override CreateParams method.

I also think WS_POPUPWINDOW is to be set in CreateParams, it's description suggests it.

Last but not least, i'd try to pass main window handle from C++ application, then assign it as parent hwnd to your dialog windows, if those windows are not modal.

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