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Sometime I want to join two strings with a space in between. But if second string is null, I don't want the space.

Consider following code:

void AssertFoo(bool cond, string message = null) {
    Assert.Fail("Something is foo.{0}", message != null ? " " + message : "");

Is there a more elegant way to do that?

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Here is one option that I like. It's better if you already have an IEnumerable<string> with your data, but it's easy enough even if you don't. It also clearly scales well to n strings being joined, not just 1 or two.

string[] myStrings = new string[]{"Hello", "World", null};
string result = string.Join(" ", myStrings.Where(str => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(str)));

Here is another option. It's a bit shorter for this one case, but it's uglier, harder to read, and not as extensible, so I would probably avoid it personally:

//note space added before {0}
Assert.Fail("Something is foo. {0}", message ?? "\b");

In this case we add the space to the format string itself, but if message is null we instead use the backspace character to remove the space that we know is before it in the message.

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I considered that. I would like to have an option to use {0},{1},{2} if I need to. It also isn't more readable than what I already have. –  THX-1138 Sep 25 '12 at 22:05
The first option is a nice shortcut :D –  Smolla Jan 30 '13 at 15:40
Assert.Fail("Something is foo.{0}", (" " + message).TrimEnd());

Sure, this will result in a few string object creations, but it's unlikely such micro-optimization issues would matter in the vast majority of programs. It might be considered an advantage of this method that it handles not just null message, but a message of all whitespace as well.

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Try this:

string joinedString = string.IsNullOrEmpty(message2) ? message1 : message1 + " " + message2;
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The most elegant way is to use the inbuilt keyword of String class.


This way you wont have a problem.

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This doesn't answer the question. –  stephen Jul 16 '14 at 20:32

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