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I need to match a string against an array of strings. The string that I am searching for should be able to contain wildcards.

##   disable buffered I/O which would lead
##   to deadloops for the Apache server
$| = 1; 
##   read URLs one per line from stdin
while (<>) {
    my $line = $_;
    my @array1 = ("abc","def","ghi");
    $found = 0;
    if (/$line/i ~~ @array1)
        print "found\n";
        print "not found\n";


I test this script with the input of abc and it returns not found

perl ./mapscript.pl
not found
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Your input has a newline at the end. Add:

chomp $line;

right after

my $line = $_;
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Use chomp(my $input = $_) to remove newline instead of my $input = $_ inside your while..

** OOPs.. Didn't see that I'm posting Duplicate..

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a newline at the end always exists using <>. see chomp

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