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Javascript to compare two dates, from strings, begin <= end

Beginner. I have a HTML form with two date fields the user fills in either manually or by a calendar picker. Start Date and End Date. Before the form can be submitted I want to check to make sure the End Date entered is >= the Start Date entered. Using Dreamweaver. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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2 Answers

Dates comparison:

function compareDates(date1, date2) {
    var delta = date1.getTime() - date2.getTime();
    if(delta == 0) {
        return 0;
    return delta > 0 ? 1 : -1;

Dates difference:

var startDate = new Date(),

setTimeout(function() {
    endDate = new Date();
    delta = endDate.getTime() - startDate.getTime();
    alert(delta + ' ms');
}, 1000);​



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Try something like this (here is the Fiddle)

<script type="text/javascript">
    function test(){
    var dt1 = new Date(""+document.getElementById("dt1").value);
    var dt2 = new Date(document.getElementById("dt2").value);
    alert(dt2 > dt1);

<input id="dt1" type="text" value="09/25/2012"/>
<input id="dt2" type="text" value="09/24/2012"/>
<input id="btn" type="button" value="test" onclick="test()"/>
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