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If someone could look at my source code and tell me why fancybox is not working I would be very grateful. I have commented out all other js or jquery needs of the page in development so the site menu may not work but I can not figure out why the default fancybox will still not run:


Thank you.

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$(".fancybox") isn't selecting anything. This should do the trick:


Generally a good idea to diagnose an issue like this is to play on JSFiddle and try and get it working. If you can get it working on a fresh start and not on your site then it's either a typo or an interaction problem. Also stepping through line by line and playing in the console is effective. Running $(".fancybox") returned [].

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Thanks very much guys,i left the more sophisticated class in place when at my wits end not being able to get the buttons version to work, so I replaced the script code with the basic one and forgot the class. However, I still could not get the buttons working this morning on my site or jsfiddle(thanks for the tip), despite just copy and pasting the code from the fancy box example. After a couple of deletions and re pasting it worked -and I still do not know why!!! –  user1698176 Sep 26 '12 at 8:01

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