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I have a requirement to provide file search functionality in our application. How can I use windows search from .NET so that I needn't do the normal recursive searching myself.

EDIT: Since I'm working on Win XP, search should not be based on indexes.

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Take a look here.

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You can still use the Windows Search API without using an index as Magnus Johansson says.

What you need to do is to stop the Windows Search service and prevent it from starting (see this link for details on that). With the indexing service disabled, Windows Search will default to a real-time search instead.

And since you are working on XP, don't forget to change the FilterFilesWithUnknownExtensions value to 1 in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet\Control\ContentIndex.

KB309173 states that this will let you search all file types in stead of just the registered ones.

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