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I need to build a lexicon with the following specifications:

  • It has to be wiki-esque (versions, easy to contribute, term linking, etc.)
  • Unlike a wiki, it has to have moderation (any registered user can contribute, but every contribution has to be approved by a moderator before publishing)
  • Each term can have attachments (image & others)
  • The general structure of a term page is predefined
  • A general category structure is also predefined

What kind of platform (preferably PHP and open source) would you recommend for such a task? Should I go with a tweaked wiki? if so, which? Is there another kind of platform suited for my needs?


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I have tested DokuWiki with ACL, but I haven't tested the a priori moderation. I have a website for you : WikiMatrix, and its wizard. It will help you to chose your wiki : http://www.wikimatrix.org/wizard.php

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thanks, though what I need is moderation and it's not specified in the matrix. I took a look and I think I'll go with the new Tiki Wiki. –  Omer Aug 12 '09 at 8:10

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