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I have been searching for something like the download generator at

I have some code snippets and plugins that I would like to be able to chose from on a project by project basis. I don't always need every piece of functionality on a project, so I would like to select individual snippets via a checkbox, and have it them all be downloadable into a single js file.

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Check out It is a framework agnostic application assembler. There's no neat gui like jQuery UI, and its certainly not even close to as user friendly. I haven't quite mastered the art of it, but you can control which scripts are included in a JSON config file that, in turn, downloads the script. This includes to

Using brunch --watch server allows you to deploy a NodeJS server that will continually compile / minify your work as you change it. Check out a list of skeleton's other users have made that you can download and try out pretty easily.

If youre looking for a more light-weight thing, i'd recommend RequireJS.

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Another thing you may want to do is write simple build scripts using GearJS by Yahoo. It allows you to very simply select a group of files then say concatenate them, and minify them. An example queue would look something like this:

var gear= require('gear');

new gear.Queue({registry: new gear.Registry({module: 'gear-lib'})})
  .log('Starting javascript build...')
  .log('Reading js files...')
  .log('concatenating files...')
  .log('saving to js/app.min.js')
  .run(function(err, results) {
    if(err) {
    console.log(('' + results[0]).length + ' characters');

So, this runs with node. You could make a small set of builds using each snippet (>app1.min.js,>myapp.min.js, etc.) It's not a GUI, but it is a very nice way to perform a set of actions on a group of javascript files.

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