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I have alot of mongodb documents in a collection ABC of the form:


I want to replace helloWorldt with helloWorld Final Output:


how do i achieve this for all documents in the collection ABC

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Currently, you can't use the value of a field to update it. So you'll have to iterate through the documents and update each document using a function. There's an example of how you might do that here: MongoDB: Updating documents using data from the same document

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Now you can do it!

We can use Mongo script to manipulate data on the fly. It works for me!

I use this script to correct my address data.

Example of current address: "No.12, FIFTH AVENUE,".

I want to remove the last redundant comma, the expected new address ""No.12, FIFTH AVENUE".

var cursor = db.myCollection.find().limit(100);

while (cursor.hasNext()) {
  var currentDocument =;

  var address = currentDocument['address'];
  var lastPosition = address.length - 1;

  var lastChar = address.charAt(lastPosition);

  if (lastChar == ",") {

    var newAddress = address.slice(0, lastPosition);

    currentDocument['address'] = newAddress;

    db.localbizs.update({_id: currentDocument._id}, currentDocument);


Hope this helps!

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